Clean your cement mixer in minutes, mess-free with a Splashstoppa

The cement mixer lid that protects against damage and helps you get the job done quicker.
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Stops splashes on walls, fences and clothes, as well as flooring

The unique cement mixer lid  throws water and waste back into the machine as you clean, keeping surfaces clear from splashes. 

If you already use a tray or membrane to catch spillages beneath your mixer, the Splash Stoppa gives the added protection you need to keep things completely tidy.
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Fits Altrad Belle cement mixers, even bent ones

The cement mixer lid’s design means it fits most commonly-used machines, whether they’re brand new, covered in dried-on concrete, or misshapen from being hit with shovels and hammers. With a loose fit and wide brim, the Splash Stoppa works with Belle mixers and many other similar models.

An easier, safer concrete mixer cleaner

The one-piece design with built-in handles is simple to fit, remove and clean, with no spare parts to lose. It’s made in the UK from lightweight, durable polypropylene to keep you safe from concrete burns and stop cement splashing in your eye when cleaning your mixer.
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Splash Stoppa Cement Mixer Lid

Latest Customer Reviews

  • "The Splash Stoppa is a great bit of kit. I wish I had got one years ago – saves a lot of cleaning and damage! It does exactly what it says it will – a genius idea."
    Paul Hughes
  • "I purchased a cement mixer lid as I too was fed up of the mess when I cleaned my mixer. Needless to say it does what it says on the tin. Great product and came on time."
    J Bent
  • "After years of using an old bin lid, I came across this on the net and thought I would try it. Well, it works, and is easier to clean and lighter than my old bin lid."
    A Warris

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it still fit misshapen cement mixers?

Yes. The cement mixer lid’s rim is designed to be small enough to fit inside almost all mixers, even ones that are bent or covered in hardened concrete. It’s made to fit loosely in your mixer while still protecting against spillages, so it won’t get wedged in tight. When you’re finished cleaning your mixer, just use the lid’s built-in handles to easily take it back off again.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just use an old dustbin lid?

That depends. If you don’t have a spare bin lid already, you’ll have to take the time to either find one or buy one, and it still might not fit your mixer. You could screw on some Sterling board, OSB or plywood, but you’d have to go to the trouble of cutting it to the right size for your mixer. The Splash Stoppa is specially designed to fit nearly all models, including Belle cement mixers, and is in stock now for fast, hassle-free delivery across the UK.
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Simon Meadows Splash Stoppa

The Splash Stoppa story

Builders have a bad reputation for being messy, but most  take pride in doing a good job. My idea for a cement mixer cover that would stop spillages came from always wanting to go the extra mile to keep my customers happy.

"Our cement mixer lid protects you or your workers from splashes to your eyes and clothes, and fits Belle cement mixers which are the most commonly used models. It’s designed by builders, for builders, and we think it’s the safest concrete mixer cleaner you can get.”
Simon Meadows

Join the hundreds of real builders enjoying speedy, stress-free cement mixer cleaning

“What a brilliant tool!! A real time-saver and easy to wipe down.”
Ann Sharp
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